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Welcome Scorpions!

An inclusive free speech instance.
All cultures and opinions welcome.

Message to New Members

Welcome to the SCORPION social, its like twitter but better!

Please don't hesitate to Direct Message me ( @m@scorpion.social ) or tag me in Posts if you have any questions or even if you just want to chat.

If you are new to Mastodon you may want to check out this official getting started guide: https://docs.joinmastodon.org/

We are a free speech, no censorship zone. Feel free to talk about whatever you want, say whatever you want, as long as it is legal and you engage respectfully you won’t ever get banned from the server. With that said we do have a few rules: No spam, and no using multiple accounts to circumvent personal bans, and a few others.

If you are new to Mastodon here is some useful info.

Basically Mastodon is a decentralized service similar to twitter. That means anyone can run a server (like SCORPION) that people can sign up with and use just like twitter. The unique part is how the servers talk to each other.

If you want to tag someone on the same server as you then you can just do @user however if you want to specify someone on a different server you can do @user@server. If someone follows you or mentions you on any server on the internet you'll get notified right here. So my full tag is @m@scorpion.social.

So now a bit about the timelines, there are three (unlike twitter there is just one): Home, Local, Federated.

The Home timeline is just like what you'd expect on twitter, that is, everyone you are following.

The local timeline is any post made by anyone on your local server.

The federated timeline is what is cool. It combines the timeline of everyone on the server into one. This way you can see the posts of everyone that is followed by anyone on the server (assuming the post is public). So this timeline is a close representation of everyone on the internet who has Mastodon (though not really). Moreover we have a bot here that goes around and federates with everyone it can find, so our Federated Feed is rather robust covering thousands of instances.

Only other thing that is unique is listed vs unlisted posts. You have normal privacy settings like on twitter but you also can set a post to be listed or unlisted. If it is listed it acts just as i described. If it is unlisted then it acts just as a normal tweet would but it doesn't show up on local or federated timelines anywhere.

Also this goes without saying, but don't be racist, sexist, hateful, and don't harass people. It's a pretty shitty thing to do, don't be shitty!

The following is the list of SCORPION administrators/moderators.
  • @m@scorpion.social
  • @scorpion@scorpion.social
***We will never advertise on SCORPION or sell your information to third-parties***


What will get you banned:
  • Anything illegal.
  • Intentionally creating a SCORPION account to circumvent people blocking you.
  • Explicit hate-based racism, sexism, and other hateful speech, but generally unpopular opinions voiced respectfully will be fine.
  • Being a bot (unless you post unlisted and do not auto-follow)
  • Any account setup solely to advertise a product or service
  • NSFW without a content warning
  • Spoilers without a content warning
  • Blocking of moderators is prohibited since it interferes with their ability to moderate content. However if you do not wish a moderator to comment on your posts outside of official moderator communication such a request will be honored.

What won't get you banned:
  • Hurting someone's feelings
  • Anything that can be solved by a personal block
  • Cursing
  • Lewd jokes
  • A bot where all posts are unlisted

We are all adults here, act like it. Despite our belief in freedom of expression (free speech) we want to create a space where people are respectful to each other. Don't disrespect people; if they disrespect you then block them and move on. If we get a report on one of our users then an administrator will reach out to the parties involved and try to mediate a peaceful resolution. We will talk it through like mature adults. Lets remember there is a person at the other end of the screen, if we can be mature in real life we can do it here too.

Federating: Silencing & Blocking

We do not silence or block other Fediverse instances based on agenda, politics, or opinions held by their staff or users. We only require servers we federate with to follow one simple rule: respect a user's right to disengage. Offending servers will only be silenced, not blocks, blocks will be reserved for technical assaults only such as DDoS attacks.

Some examples:
  • If, for any reason, a user requests another user to not tag them, this request will be respected without exception.
  • If a user is blocked and it is clear the user who was blocked that this was directed at that user. Then creating additional accounts specifically to circumvent this block would be disallowed. If the user was unaware of the block then they wouldn't be accountable however.
  • Unsolicited advertising must be opt-in only. This means commercial advertisements which directly tag individual users without permission from that user, especially when done in bulk, will not be allowed.

We understand that moderators will not always catch 100% of offenses above. If a server does not appear to be compliant with the above federation policy we will first reach out to the moderators of the server. If those moderators actively take action to handle those cases as they are reported then we will continue to federate. It will only be cases where moderators are made aware of the above cases, and fail to act, that will result in defederation.

Similarly if we receive anonymous reports on **any** incident of any kind from a foreign server directed at one of our own users, or we hear word of any moderation from a foreign server, we will always reach out to the admins of the other server, usually CC'ed from a non-SCORPION account. However if any moderator or admin for any reason would not like to be contacted we will respect any such request as well.

We currently do not block or silence any servers in the fediverse.

Moderated servers

Mastodon generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

Silenced servers

Posts from these servers will be hidden in public timelines and conversations, and no notifications will be generated from their users interactions, unless you are following them:

Server #
# Reason