The elites themselves, of course, fly whenever they see fit - without exception with unvaccinated, ergo absolutely healthy pilots 😏

I belong to these pilots, which is why I know this so well 😉

How to destabilize the economic situation and introduce communist regulations... 🇫🇷🚨 became the first country in to ban domestic flights of less than two hours within the country in order to "fight against climate change". Controlling the movement of people and limiting their freedom is a key part of the Absolute Zero and Great Reset programs.

OMG, have you guys been to shitposters club lately? Their banner has John C Dvorak on it! 🤣

If you love freedom, you might wonder if you should spend your life savings to fight for freedom.

You might wonder if your effort would do any good.

You might ask yourself if Americans deserve to be saved.

You might wonder if surrender is the only answer to tyranny.


In Baltimore, while an off duty police officer was getting a haircut a gunman walked in at shot the barber. The off duty police officer then opened fire on the shooter

How come it’s wrong to produce our own oil and gas here, but you can go to Saudi Arabia and fist bump to try to get it from Saudi?

This is pretty alarming, and I am surprised they'd go this far

Essentially, by encrypting the URL, there is no way to separate the tracking part from the actual URL.
If you posted a facebook link on poast, facebook would know it comes from you, your IP or account, they'd know who posted it.
And if you click on such a link, they automatically know where you came from even if the browser strips referrals.

This is why I'm glad I use eg. nitter for twitter and don't visit the actual site anymore. They could easily implement that too and track you. Do not post direct social media links. Post archives or similar alternatives.


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